Successfully dove (and avoided the fuzz) with my spine-filled foot, at Ke’ei! Whales singing (they sounded like a modem and a wolf howling), three separate crown-of-thorns encounters (!!!), tall garden eels at 85’, and a moray eel with a tail! (You don’t usually get to see the tail end.) I wore my size-too-big pair of fins and mostly only kicked with one foot. It was really hard to kick under to descend (because you have to kick hard to get started), and tiring on the surface to rely on one leg, but a lot easier at depth. We entered at the picnic table spot, so it wasn’t far to walk. The water was nice and calm, and we avoided the surgy areas that would have required hard kicking and therefore fin bending and therefore OW!!! Kind of a wimpy dive, but still nice. The whales were very loud at garden eel depth, and I could even hear them at only 24’.

My foot is a lot better this evening! I can even walk on the spiny part now, I think. Except, sometimes I don’t step down quite right and then OW!! But it’s much improved. I think the diving might have helped. (And the vinegar.)

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