Too rough to dive again today, but it was so clear and pretty with blue fluffy-cloud filled Connecticut-looking skies! (And we got a nice hard rain this evening! I hope it rained up in Holualoa.) Even though we couldn’t dive, we just went with the flow (nalu it!) and still had fun—watching waves at Crescent, checking out Kaloko-Honokohau, cooling off at Coffee & Tea, and then more waves! It was a GREAT day for watching the volatile waves SPLASH! at the Natural Energy Labs (at The Pipe and then even more excitingly at Broken Pipe!), and watching surfers catching waves and sitting on top of the world at Pine Trees (very cool and also fascinating… I love it when they are inside the curl). And whales jumping and spouting, too! I had this huge grin on my face after one particularly thrilling Broken Pipe wave that unexpectedly flooded my shoes. I felt like I looked exactly like that emoticon: :D