Okay, since there are so few Bozrah Devil Carver stones, and I have visited all the graveyards that are supposed to have them, I decided that I should post the rest of my B.D.C. stone photos. These remaining ones are all from Goshen Hill Burying Ground in Lebanon, which I went to last year on November 8th. I am including the Bozrah and Colchester ones I already talked about, too, for easy comparison. (I also scoured the Exeter Burying Ground in Lebanon and the Norwichtown cemetery in Norwich, but I didn’t see any of the Bozrah Devil Carver stones that are supposed to be there. Either they are in bad condition and illegible, aren’t there anymore, or were in a really shady spot so I couldn’t see the carving.)

Identifying Bozrah Devil Carver stones is tricky because, even though they seem really bizarre and unique, he actually used a bunch of different styles, some of which overlap with John Huntington’s style! (Slater doesn’t compare him to other carvers, but it’s clearly the case.) Huntington sometimes used a variation on the weird distinctive Bozrah Devil Carver spiky “hair”, and the B.D.C. sometimes used Huntington’s wing style (but sometimes used an entirely different “grass or reed-like rays” wing style). They also overlap a lot, townwise. Huntington had a consistent elongated bulbous nose-style that’s different than the B.D.C.’s, though, which I think is key. I guess the reason we know the Bozrah Devil Carver isn’t actually Huntington using a weird style is that Huntington died in 1777, and I have photos of B.D.C. stones that are dated for people who died in 1778.

Check out the captions for my observations! :-)