Okay, so I was going to write about Old Colchester Burying Ground, from yesterday! It was in a very different location than my usual graveyard… near a Stop & Shop, across the street from a crummy strip mall, and behind some old rundown looking buildings (one of which had graffiti on it). [Edit: Looks like the building that it is most directly behind is the old Bacon Academy.] This was in Colchester, so it wasn’t like it was scary being there; Colchester is a fairly rural town, not a city. But the graveyard is basically in the long-in-the-tooth section of the town center.

Good things:
- Great lighting, with only a couple of shady areas (near large trees) so I wasn’t frustrated like at Westchester.
- Decent variety of stones with some cool carvers represented; lots of John Isham stones, but I was much fonder of them than I was at Westchester because they weren’t so predominant and there were more detailed, interesting Ishams instead of just endless extremely spare ones.
- Some of the stones were in excellent condition, and there were some REAL GEMS, including some wonderful Jonathan Loomis stones in very nice shape!
- Lots of hilarious Bulkley/Bulkeley and Foot/Foote controversy going on. (The really rich guys seem to have spelled Bulk(e)ley with the extra e; not sure about the rhyme or reason for Foot(e).

Bad things, other than the less-than-picturesque surroundings:
- A lot of the sandstones were in terrible condition, crumbling to pieces before my eyes. Lots of missing faces, and lost words lying on the ground at my feet. So sad.
- There appeared to be a gravestone graveyard over in the corner!! A huge number of broken headstones and random foot stones were piled up haphazardly around a tree, and, from what I could tell, a vagrant was camping out in their company. (I didn’t look too closely at his stuff, but there was a sleeping bag there, a folding camp chair, a bicycle, and a couple of garbage bags with what looked like belongings.) I hope I misinterpreted the pile of stones and they are actually going to be repaired/reset. I definitely didn’t see any signs of digging, though.
- The cemetery was better cared for than the Westchester one, but I wasn’t too fond of the mower’s style. Some of the stones were all coated in dried-up grass pieces!

The pictures and captions that accompany this post represent the bad stuff, but I’ll make another post with some great stuff!